TechFeet 3D Technology

TechFeet is a pioneer in this segment. It’s the only Brazilian company that develops and uses equipments with 3D technology in all the manufacturing process for the Postural Insoles tailored specially for each patient.

Our technology was developed by a multidisciplinary team which main goal was to modernize the production process that so far was made entirely manually and turn it into a fully computerized process using the 3D technology.

Starting now, the new insoles with the 3D technology will be available for you.

Check on our institutional video how TechFeet has made this a simpler and faster production, with many more features.

Institutional Video

If your training is on Podoposturology and you already work with Postural insoles, check our 3D equipments; they can make your manufacturing process much faster and efficient.

If you don’t have it, TechFeet offers all the required training, courses, help and equipment you need to become an expert on this field, using the most advanced technology in this segment.