OrthoFoot 3D

After years of study, researched and projects, a multidisciplinary team has developed the OrthoFoot 3D software. Developed to work with together with the 3D Scanner and the OrthoCNC, the software was designed aiming on a faster, easier and much more precise manufacturing process for the customized postural insoles. In just a few minutes, it’s possible to develop the insoles for your patients.

With this equipment, it’s Palmilha orthofootpossible to develop customized insoles for many different types of footwear, like sneakers (for men, women and kids), flat shoes, male shoes in general and cleats. You just need to choose the type of footwear and its size and the software will generate a 3D insole with these specific features. It all makes your production easier and customized.

Calçados orthofoot

With several creative, editing and shaping assets, OrthoFoot has a database with countless corrective and proprioceptive settings that can be inserted into the insoles. The size, the thickness and the positioning of each setting is the professional’s choice for the main goal is to have a customized production meeting the patient’s needs.


Besides all of that, after creating an insole, it can be filed into the Foto 2database so that in the future, other can be generated for the same patient, without having to go through the whole process again. That way, the patient can request as often and as many insoles as he wants.



With the OrthoFoot 3D software it’s possible to develop customized postural flip flops, with the same corrective features used in the insoles; another exclusive benefit that the users of the TechFeet can have and offer their patients.