Podoposturology is the health area that studies the changes and influences of the feet and podals stimulus in static and dynamic posture. For decades, several studies have been demonstrating that the stimulus in the foot sole can generate tonic postural changes in muscles modifying the postural pattern of the whole body.

With the progress of the studies in neurophysiology, more specific regarding the postural receptors, podoposturology became more important in the scientific area and its benefits have been proven through the use of proprioceptive or corrective adjustments on postural insoles.


The adjustments, placed on specific parts of the insole, send information to the CNS and a response to those stimulus is immediately transmitted to the tonic postural muscles in order to control the posture, the gravitational center, the oscillation of the body keeping us more balanced with the lowest energy consumption possible.

Besides the proprioceptives adjustments, the postural insoles can modify the joint biomechanics and the postural alignment, correcting an excessive pronation/supination or a collapse of the podal arches, which would reverberate throughout the postural pattern. It’s also possible to correct an anatomical short leg through the heel rising, to improve the balance and the alignment between the pelvis and the spine.

zzpronada1The Postural Insoles provide countless benefits. Everything was carefully elaborated so that all podoposturology resources are accessible to the ones using our technology.