TechFeet Insoles

Postural Insoles are tailor-made insoles, developed after a clinical, biomechanical and podopostural analysis. It aims to prevent, balance and treat postural, gait and treading alterations through corrective and proprioceptive adjustments used on specific parts of the insole.


The TechFeet Postural Insoles are produced with 3D technology, what makes its developing process much more customized, effective and with many more features. On your own practice, it’s possible to develop them in an easy and fast way.


_DSC0111As mentioned before, the Postural Insoles are a great resource to treat pain conditions, posture changes and to prevent future injures but, for that, it’s necessary a careful evaluation in order to identify the alterations and develop the insoles in a right and effective manner.

Pés e postura 3


Besides that, it’s a treatment used together with other therapies, such as Osteopathy, RPG, Sports Rehabilitation, among others. From the moment the body is well balanced, the response to the various treatments becomes much more efficient.